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I'm Laura Ranger, owner of the traditional publishing company, Foundations. We believe the Author Comes First!

I'm a multi-award winner of NaNoWriMo with two published novels to show for it.

Prior to buying Foundations Book Publishing Company, I was a traditionally published author of two novels and an eight person Anthology.

I would love to show you my secrets to not only writing 100,000 words in 30 days but also for you to have a work that is publisher ready. Learn my thoughtfully curated method on how to prepare your work whether you're an Indie author or submitting to agents or publishers. Even if you're not looking to write a novel in 30 days, this lesson will be invaluable.

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"Ranger delivers her lesson clearly and with some humor and color that makes it more memorable."

~ Dr. Nathan Fayard, English Professor Indiana Wesleyan University

"Insightful and thoughtful guide to the formation of a more penetrating character arc and the structure anyone should follow when crafting their story. Laura is a patient teacher, and that patience pays off for the viewer"

~ John Kevin McDonagh, Author of Tenebrous the Liar series

"Without blowing smoke, this is brilliant! So clear and concise. WHY have I not been doing this, it’s so simple yet so effective, how have I not known this?"

~ Simon Parker, Author of Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre

"Accomplished author Laura Ranger has offered an amazing tutorial on the art of novel outlining for both new and experienced authors."

~ Mike Pace, Bestselling Author of the Belle Bannon thriller series

"Laura Ranger’s Outlining for Success! video provided me with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to successfully outline a novel. It was fun and easy to follow, and I would recommend it to any author."

~ D. Thomas Jerlo, Best Selling and Award Nominated Author of fantasy and paranormal

"She breaks down books...into practical, bite-sized pieces which make it more manageable."

~ Des Birch, Author of the Dark Waters series

"When I find myself at a standstill in my process, I will look back on the tools and teachings provided by Laura, and it never fails to set me on the right track!"

~ Louise Jane Watson, Best Selling Author of Marooned, The Lost and Found series

"This course uses engaging visuals, easy-to-understand language, and creative analogies to explain to writers how to organize their stories to be most effective. Using specific examples and detailed steps, it can help any writer structure their book for maximum tension, character development, and flow."

~ Jenna Greene, Author of The Reborn Marks series

"A fun and comprehensive guide on how to outline your manuscript. Easy to follow, this tutorial is great for beginners or can be used as a quick refresher for the more experienced writer."

~ Tracy Evans, Author of the Blue Guitar Pick


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